Join us on Instagram with these three tips to get started

A new website and logo are not the only ways we are celebrating 2022 here at Town n’ Country Title. We’ve also started a new Instagram account and would love for you to follow us there, too. Our handle is @townncountrytitle.

Instagram is the perfect place to connect with other professionals in the industry  and reach potential millennial and Gen-Z clients. Plenty of our partners are already there and creating great content, but if you haven’t checked it out yet, here are three tips to help you get started.

Engage with your followers

The engagement rate of Instagram is known to be higher than other social media platforms. Your audience expects responses to their questions from both direct messages and comments. Plus, it’s just good business practice. However, as you answer questions, don’t forget to view the opportunity as a dialogue about the services you offer. Followers will notice how active you are responding to comments and feel more inclined to engage.

Use video

While it may be easier to stick to posting photos on Instagram, video is becoming increasingly important and effective to showcase what you have to offer. Videos have a greater potential to captivate your audience as you exhibit your brand and listings.  A photo can’t quite stir up an emotional connection in a potential client, but a video may be able to. If you want to catch the attention of your audience, don’t skip out on using video.

Show some personality

Clients are looking for more than just a qualified professional to help meet their needs. Revealing your personality on Instagram will give your clients an opportunity to know you sooner and develop a personal connection with you. People will feel more comfortable talking to you and trust your professional skills if they have access to your authenticity through Instagram and your other social media accounts.

We hope this list has you excited about all the possibilities ahead for you on Instagram and in general. Want more social media tips? Check out this full list from Hubspot. Don’t forget to follow us either. We can’t wait to engage with you – on social media, via email and at the closing table!

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